Investing Process

Investing Process

Martin Northern Strategies

Choose your Investment Strategy

Currently Martin Northern Strategies only offers one strategy for investment Polaris, this is because for our trading strategies to qualify for investor capital it takes a process of several years to ensure clients get the highest qualify trading we can offer. In the future we hope to offer more strategies and are currently working on several projects. 

Create An Account with MEX Australia

To trade with us under our PAMM with MEX Australia you must open an Investor Account with MEX Australia. Below you can see circled the correct account time to open. When you create an account you will get a custom link and login to access your account under our Spotex platform. 

Sign LPOA Agreement

In order for us trade on your behalf legally investors are required to fill out and sign a Limited Power of Attorney agreement. When you have completed this please email the form to we will then confirm and submit this with MEX Australia. 

Fund your account

MEX Australia has many options to fund your investor account. Please note that the minimum account size is $500 or 500 Euros. 

The Path of Account will be established

Once you fund your investor account it will take one day to properly map the path of the account. This effectively links your account with Martin Northern Strategies master account so trading can start to take place. As you can see in the image to the right you will be able to see when the master account is mapped by the number of the account and the status being subscribed.  

Set your Multiplier and Stop Equity

After your account is mapped and ready for trading it is important to establish your risk settings. This can be done by setting your multiplier and stop equity. The multipler sets position sizes reltive to the size of your account. 1 is standard to the results in Martin Northern Strategies track record. For additional risk you can set it to a higher value, example 2 would be double the risk level. This can be set 0.1 to 2. For 2 to 4 please email MEX Australia Support. Stop Equity is the dollar/euro amount all positions will be closed. Example on a $10,000 account if the stop equity is $9500 this prevent you from lossing more than 5% or $500. Multiplier and stop equity can be changed at any time for your convenience and control. 

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