We are always looking for ways to expand our global reach and acquire new talent

Global Partners

We have build a team from here at Martin Northern Strategies that spans across three different continents, however as we look we grow we are looking for highly motivated individuals with experience in the Forex industry that can become global partners.  

Introductory Brokers

Those who want to become introductory brokers on our behalf we can facilitate an I.B. agreement with MEX Australia. Interested candidates should email us with this resume and plan of action they wish to take.    


As Martin Northern Strategies looks to grow we are interesting in offering additional trading services. Traders with a track record of over 9 months can apply to work with us in the future and will be put through a rigorous series of tests in order to meet the basic requirements of the firm.   

Account Managers

If you have a passion for Forex and the financial industry why not work in the field that you love? We are looking for account managers so we can continue to offer the personality service that is core to our values. Email us with your resume and a short letter explains why you want to work with us and we will review your case.