Investing with us

Investing with us

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You have come to the right place, each day savvy investors look to Martin Northern Strategies to responsible trade their capital to effectively growth wealth for themselves and their families. With our trading systems progress is possible, helping you change your life for the better getting you closer to your financial goals. 

What is a managed PAMM account?

By trading in our managed PAMM account you are allocation capital to Martin Northern Strategies to trade on your behalf with our proprietary systems. WE then split the profits from this on a 70/30 basis. You keep 70% of all profits. There are no additional charges and your funds remain in your name with a Regulated Australian broker.  

How much does it cost?

There is no management fee, broker markup or entry fee, we only change a 30% performance fee based on highwatermark. You are only charged on the money that you mark through our trading. The calculation of highwatermark creates the narrative that you are only charged once on on your balance exceeding a certain point. For example please see the chart below.  

How does it work?

Once you have decided that you would like to invest in our PAMM managed account all you need to do is create a Sub account with MEX Australia, sign a limited power of attorney agreement (LPOA) this allows us to trade on your behalf and then fund your account. 

Personalized Solutions

We offer accounts in multiple currencies. If you require a specific base currency other than USD or Euro please contract us for detalis   

American Dollar Accounts

Euro Accounts

Custom risk management

Personally adjust your trading multiplier from 0.1 to 4 times risk

Set automatic stop equity to limit your capital at risk 

Turn on or off Martin Northern Strategies trading at the click of a button


The Martin Northern Strategies Advantage

No matter how big or small an investor you are all clients get access to our custom price feeds established with MEX Australia so you get institutional spreads as if you were trading 2 Million US Dollars, saving you money and increasing your trading accounts performance.  

We will never charge a money management fee now or in the future  

Proven success in the FOREX market for the past five years, we only offer trading that we personal invest in, believe in and have the technology and safeguards to manage responsibly 

Personal Account Manager

All clients with Martin Northern Strategists have access to an account manager which can provide both firm information and technical support so that you get the service that you and your hard earned capital deserve.